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be a person f
« Dátum: 2019, Október 26, 09:13:24 »
"Ah, ah~" A group of crows flew from the air and reached their nests. The old tree that was swayed by the yellow branches was closing his eyes, and the crow suddenly came back, making it feel shocked. The wrinkles on his head added a few layers of sunset at the twilight. Everything, my heart swayed in layers, and the familiar taste of my homeland appeared again. The ancient stone bridge is on the turbulent water. The water is almost transparent. The shadows of several small farmhouses on the stream are reflected in it. I also saw that I had some decadent faces. The beard sang and touched it. Zha Ren, his face is thin and yellow, revealing deep sorrow, and the same as the sad atmosphere of the country. Others have a home and I am alone. The laughter and the smoky smoke of the children in the farmhouse add a little mourning to my heart. Time is not early, I have to rush to the village and city where there is an inn, cross the horse, and my "husband" walked on the desolate ancient road, another lonely autumn wind blowing, I looked down The skinny horse, a trace of tears that the man did not flick across the corner of his mouth, quickly followed the declaration that the west wind that would be exhausted in a year disappeared. A very strong sad atmosphere was rendered in the surrounding area, and all things were caged and lonely Wholesale Cigarettes. The sunset has already fallen towards the West, and one day is about to pass. The mother buried her head to make up the clothes for my wanderer Marlboro Lights. My father taught me to be a person for a moment. I felt sad in my heart. The two old people were waiting for me at home alone, but I was wandering outside. I don��t know where to return to my dear. Hometown. The road is not good, the thoughts can't go back. Ma Zhiyuan, you have to cheer up! I secretly encouraged myself. In the oblique sun, a piece of cymbal has been playing, as if it never stops, never stops Marlboro Gold.
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